Take On Taco-Bell-Style Quesadillas For Dinner

Take On Taco-Bell-Style Quesadillas (Food & Humor)

Taco-Bell-Style Quesadillas Ingredients:

For The Sauce

  • 1/4 Cup mayonnaise
  • 2 Tsp. minced jalapenos
  • 2 Tsp. jalapeno juice
  • 3/4 Tsp. sugar
  • 1/2 Tsp. cumin
  • 1/2 Tsp. paprika
  • 1/8 Tsp. cayenne pepper
  • 1/8 Tsp. garlic powder
  • 1 Dash salt

For The Quesadillas

  • 4 Flour tortillas
  • 4 Chicken tenderloins
  • 1 Cup shredded cheddar cheese
  • 1 Cup shredded monterey jack cheese
  • 2 Slices processed cheese

How To Make Taco-Bell-Style Quesadillas

  1. Combine sauce ingredients and stir until smooth.
  2. Grill chicken in vegetable oil and cut into thin slices.
  3. Preheat skillet over medium heat.
  4. One at a time, lay tortilla into hot skillet and sprinkle with 1/4 cup of each shredded cheese and 1/2 cheese slice on one side of the tortilla.
  5. Arrange about 1/4 cup chicken slices over tortilla on the same half covered with cheese.
  6. On the empty side, spread about one tablespoon of sauce.
  7. Fold over, and press gently with spatula.
  8. Cook until cheese is melted and slice each into 4 pieces.

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